Brush-Up Driving Lesson For Advanced Road Test Program

Designed for experienced drivers in Calgary

We have a proactive course for refreshing your driving skills and knowledge. Whether you want to prepare for Advance Road Test, Class 4, master your winter driving skills or you are new to Alberta, we are here to help you out!

Our brush-up lesson for advance road test can be customized to meet your driving needs. During the course, we tell you about the techniques of proactive driving, refreshing your road safety rules and making you aware of your unconscious driving habits.

We will not only prepare you for your road test but also give you tips to retain those good habits for life. Get introduced to our brush-up course, meet our excellent instructors, and fine-tune your proficiencies.

iDrive Alberta course details – what we offer

Our brush-up program is a huge success as it proved itself to be beneficial for students before the road tests. Besides polishing your driving skills, you can also rent our car for your road test.

Why pick iDrive as your driving instructor?

Haven’t hold the steering for long? Need to regain the confidence? Join our brush-up program to revise your skills and boost your self-reliance. Here’s what we provide:

  • Smart and experienced instructors to guide you
  • In-car driving lessons

If want to know more about driver training program, please contact us.

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