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The state of feeling very tired, weary or sleepy resulting from insufficient sleep, prolonged mental or physical work, or extended periods of stress or anxiety. Boring or repetitive tasks can intensify feelings of fatigue.

Some research studies have shown that when workers have slept for less than 5 hours before work or when workers have been awake for more than 16 hours, their chance of making mistakes at work due to fatigue are significantly increased.

Research has shown that the number of hours awake can be similar to blood alcohol levels. One study reports the following:      

  • 17 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of 0.05                                 

  • 21 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of 0.08                             

  • 24-25 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of 0.10

*Source: Fatigue, Extended Work Hours, and Workplace Safety, February 2017. Government of Alberta, Labour.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the constant, severe state of tiredness that is not relieved by rest. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are similar to the flu, last longer than six months and interfere with certain activities. The exact cause of this syndrome is still unknown.

Symptoms of Fatigue :

  • Reduced ability to make decisions.

  • Reduced reaction time.

  • Lack of attention and concentration.

  • Increased errors in judgment.

  • Increased irritability.

  • Difficulty keeping eyes focused and/or open.

Tips To Stay Alert Behind the Wheel:

  • Prioritize on getting plenty of sleep (at least seven hours) daily.

  • Travel at times when you are normally awake.

  • Keep your eyes moving scanning about every two seconds.

  • Schedule a break about every two hours. Use journey management.

  • Switch drivers if possible at regular intervals.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

  • Keep light music of your liking on.

  • If you feel tired then best option is to take a break and sleep

Stay alert and stay alive. Lets play our part in keeping Alberta roads safe.



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