iDrive Alberta is a wonderful organization that is really great at teaching drivers safety and skills. I hired them for a brush up lesson for my daughter since she was going for her class five advanced test. Vivek is an extremely professional, thorough and patient instructor. He goes above and beyond for his students to make sure they not only learn road rules, safety and driving maneuvers, but understand the basic logic behind them. His brush up lesson was absolutely phenomenal and I HIGHLY recommend him. He is the reason why my daughter was successful at her first attempt at class 5 and now has her licence! (Asha Bhati)

"I would definitely recommend iDrive Alberta! My lessons were excellent - I learnt so much and my instructor's patience and encouragement helped me to feel confident and safe behind the wheel." (Karl Rogers)

"My son went to this driving school. The instructor, Vivek, was very calm and considerate. He always made my son, a new driver, feel safe, comfortable and supported him all the way through his practice lessons and road test. Vivek taught him how to be  patient, defensive, cautious and ultimately developed his skills as a driver. Vivek also often spots out little habits from his many years of instructing experience that helped iron out wrinkles and taught my son very good fundamental (BASIC) driving skills. I      would like to thank him for all the instructing and cooperation he gave my son; that not only allowed him pass his test but, do so with minimal errors or mistakes. I would recommend him to any driver, whatever skill level they may be at." (Gauri Bulusu)

I took driving lessons from IDrive Alberta and had a great experience. Vivek was great to work with. He made sure I understand the concepts really well. He also ensured that I practice enough before attempting my road test. I did not have a vehicle so practising was a challenge. I have cleared my road test and can't thank him enough. Thank you for the wonderful experience. (Pranali Sharma)

"I wanted to be extremely sure that my teenage son learns all the good driving skills, including the most important proactive and defensive driving skills. I sought references and after careful consideration, I decided to go with iDrive Alberta. I am glad, I took my time in selecting the driving school. The instructor was amazing and as testimony to the excellent teaching, my son did not get any negative point during road test. Thank you iDrive Alberta." (Prasad Aradhya)

Vivek is an excellent driver himself and an even better instructor! I trust him and his ability to drive safe and with his patience and skill he is able to translate the same positive qualities into his students' driving as well. He is a pleasant, considerate, patient and polite person by nature - all qualities important for an instructor to have! I wish you and iDrive all the very best and will not hesitate to recommend more people to you!  ( Pooja Tolani)

"My experience with iDrive Alberta was phenomenal; not only did they teach the necessary steps for me to attempt the test and pass flawlessly, but the instructor also pointed out and gave several strategies to help with driving in unfamiliar ideas. They provide 10 hours of quality, professional instruction that was of tremendous help in allowing me to get my license. Their willingness to adapt to my dynamic schedule and pickup directly from where I would be at that time meant that I was able to receive instruction and be given feedback almost immediately after starting the course. Overall, iDrive's courses were excellent in giving me the information and knowledge to successfully pass my road-test in one shot, and they truly live up to their motto of teaching driving skills for life." (Sahil Kale)

frequently asked questions (faq's)

I don't have a vehicle to practice and take a road test, will you be able to help me

We recommend 40 to 50 hours of supervised driving with someone other than instructor, however it completely depends on you. How quickly you learn and how good you are behind the wheel. You can upgrade to any package and take any number of hours of training you need to feel confident behind the wheel. We can also rent our vehicle for the road test. We are determined to see you succeed and to help you achieve your goals.

I'm new to Canada and have years of driving experience from back home, why do I need to take this course?

 Our instructors have taught lots of new immigrants over the number of years. They know where you might need help. Everyone develops some habits and its always good to know how you are doing behind the wheel. We suggest you to enrol for a brush-up lesson and get personalised advice from one of our instructor. If you decide to take few more lessons, you can upgrade to any package that suits your need.

Is it ok to finish in-vehicle training portion before classroom?

 We recommend you to attend at least first day of classroom before you go behind the wheel. This will not only help you prepare for the road, it will also help you know what to expect. Alberta government has designed it in a way that you have access to all the information you need before hand.

Do I have to have my license before I enroll for a course?

Its ok to enrol for the course without a license, but we will need your driver's licence details to process your papers during class room sessions. Certainly you cannot go behind the wheel without a valid driving licence.

Is it safe to learn to drive in winter?

Yes, its very safe to learn to drive in winter. Our vehicles are equipped with winter tires and our instructors are qualified to teach in all seasons. Eventually everyone will have to drive in winter, sooner the better.

Can we use our vehicle for our child's driver training?

There is a requirement by Alberta Transportation that all driver training vehicles should be equipped with instructor’s brake, second rear-view mirror for instructor and roof sign which should have student driver written on at least two sides. Thus, legally we can't and there is liability issue with insurance companies as well, we must have special 6D insurance coverage.

Can we reschedule lessons if we can't make it for the scheduled lesson?

We understand that sometime circumstances can make it difficult for things to go as planned. However, it can be taken care of by giving us 24 hours of advance notice, so we can rearrange things and not left with only option of absorbing the cost of that time.If someone didn't give 24 hours notice, we will charge nominal rescheduling fee.

Why does my child sometimes need more than minimum lessons required?

 Number of lessons one requires depends on lots of different factors. If the student is driving occasionally with parents before starting his driver's education, then instructor can focus on rules of the road right away. However, if the student is first day behind the wheel then instructor will focus more on vehicle handling skills for first few lessons. So, they might need few more lessons. If they are fast learners and passionate about driving, they might not need more than minimum required. We highly recommend students to practice between lessons as well, so that they can apply and revise the skills taught during lessons.

How is this course going to help my kids?

 Our courses are designed to promote proactive driving behaviour and help creating better driving environment for everyone. We understand that rules and regulations are enforced on young minds and sometimes its hard for them to follow those. If we can      successfully explain them why its important and how will this help them be safe, its going to be easier for them to follow. Not only that but it will also motivate them to get into good driving habits and retain them for life. This may have some long-term monetary benefits, like avoid traffic violation tickets, have better driving history and lower insurance rates.

Why are lessons 2 hours long?

This is a very good question. It is a common practice in driver education line of work and recommended by Alberta transportation. If we are only driving for an hour we can't go too far from pickup and drop-off location. Driving for 2 hours makes the student familiar to nearby communities as well as the city. Our focus is to give our students as much exposure as possible to real driving environment. We include downtown driving, highway driving and route planning for every student. On the other hand, this    helps them practice new skills with optimal practice, as we know, practice makes one perfect. However, if students need ashroom break or stretch breaks, they are more than welcome to request it.