At iDrive Alberta many of our employees and instructors are also experts in other professions and walks of life. They chose Driver Education because they are passionate about road safety and understand the risks involved in driving a motor vehicle. Our instructors chose to become full time educators because they take driving seriously and truly get job satisfaction from helping young minds achieve their goals and be successful.
At iDrive Alberta, we believe that learning how to drive does not have to be an intimidating process, but instead can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Positive reinforcement while learning to drive, will ensure that students feel comfortable asking questions, understand the importance of rules and regulations, know why we do what we do and choose to make proper driving decisions when behind the wheel.
There are lots of measures taken by the authorities and regulators to enforce safe driving on our roads, unfortunately less effort is made to educate the public about the dangers of driving and to encourage and promote quality Driver Education when learning to drive. We at iDrive Alberta focus on raising awareness of the driving scene. We also encourage people to take brush up lessons every few years to keep current with changes in traffic laws, vehicle technology and to improve their skills.


Helping young drivers achieve success in their personal and professional lives,
by empowering drivers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to operate a vehicle safely, with skills for life.


Vivek Angrish
In-Vehicle and Classroom Senior Instructor 
Teaching experience 8 years

Vivek has over 8 years of Driver Education experience. His expertise in Driver Education includes not only in Calgary, but across Western Canada. He has taught Driver Education programs in B.C. throughout Alberta and into Saskatchewan.
"I rediscovered myself after becoming a driving instructor, this profession has given me all one can dream of like job satisfaction, job security, financial stability and personal growth. I take pride in what I do and I keep acquiring knowledge to better my teaching skills. This keeps me on my toes and keeps me grounded at the same time." 


Ron Wilson
Course Creation Consultant
Teaching experience 33 years

Ron has over 33 years of Driver Education experience. His expertise in Driver Education specifically has been sought after, not only across Canada, but also in other countries around the world, including Bolivia and Venezuela.

Ron has written curricula and designed copy-written material for many Driver Education government approved programs. He has also helped draft and implement safe driver policies for a number of companies. Ron takes great pride in teaching others to be safe drivers and making Alberta roads safer. It's important to make people aware of what it takes to be a safe driver and he enjoys teaching others the skills required to be a responsible road user.


Ranjeet Singh
In-Vehicle Driving Instructor
Teaching experience 2 years

Mr. Ranjeet Singh is a polite, compassionate & approachable personality. His customer service and analytical problem solving skills makes him an excellent representative of iDrive Alberta.
In his words, “Teaching students one on one gives me an opportunity to customize and pace out the lesson plans according to students needs. This is what makes my job so interesting.” His belief is that students learn best when they are comfortable and at ease.
His step by step tested and proven techniques makes learning fun and enjoyable experience.



In-Vehicle Driving Instructor
Teaching experience 2 years


Cynthia is an in-car instructor Her passion is teaching, educating, and instructing. Her calm attitude, ability to explain everything in a simple way and to boost confidence in students built her very well-earned reputation in our school. She loves working with young drivers to develop their driving skills, and the feeling of watching students grow confidence in their abilities

In her Words “Teaching young drivers is always fun. I enjoy how excited they are to start their new journey and appreciate their eagerness to learn. I find everyone responds to teaching styles differently; varying my approach helps keep my instructing skills fresh and ensures lessons are tailored to what works best for you.”









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Our success is determined by our client's learning to drive safely. We are driven to help every individual to succeed.