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Speeding in Alberta


"Improving and maintaining a good attitude towards driving is a key component to enhancing the safety of our roads." -

Speeding has a greater potential loss of vehicle control; it reduces effectiveness of occupant protection equipment, increases stopping distance, increases degree of crash severity and injury and increases fuel consumption. 
One simple reason everyone gives when caught speeding is “I was getting late for.”. There is an expression for this excuse. “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”. Let’s dig deep in this need for speed.



Why Do People Speed?  


Here’s some reasons:

  • Impatience – just want to get places quickly
  • Enjoy the experience of driving fast
  • Racing to get to an appointment
  • Believe they own the highway and do as they please
  • Distracted or daydreaming
  • Thrill seeking- Showing off for friends
  • Poor judgement after drinking or taking drugs
  • Peer pressure or to impress friends.


For whatever reason, trust me no one will be impressed by having a near death experience or by a friend or loved one losing a licence. The fact is, speeding is responsible for almost 25 per cent of motor vehicle deaths in Alberta,  and many might not say to slow down to your face, to save you from embarrassment but they may avoid  driving with you for the rest of their life.

Legally one can be charged for driving to fast for the road conditions at any speed, however below is the list of fines one can get at different speeds;





1 - 15 Km over the speed limit

$78 - $120


16 - 30 Km over the speed limit

$140 - $ 239


31 - 50 Km over the speed limit

$253 - $474


51 + Km over the speed limit

$650 - $2000


At 51 + Km over the speed limit it's mandatory for the driver to appear in the court.

All these speeding fines are applicable in construction zones 24 hours and 7 days a week; in addition to that if the workers are present then the fines will doubles.

Speeding in school zones and playground zones is far more dangerous because of kids, they don’t perceive the traffic on the road like grown ups. The potential of a collision is much higher and that’s why speed is reduced to 30 Km / H. If you are dropping a kid to school follow the speed limits be fully aware of the surroundings and don’t take a U-Turn where is dangerous or prohibited. Don’t forget in both school and playground zones it is illegal to pass.


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