Winter Driving Lesson & Class 4 Road Test

Are you afraid of driving in difficult situations? Heavy snowfalls, bad weather, fogg, rain or night time driving can stress you out while driving. 

To become a safer and confident driver in winter, avail our winter driving lessons. Our certified team of instructors teaches the techniques to skilfully drive on any road conditions! 

Brushup lessons for professional Class 4 licence – take class 4 road test from iDrive Alberta Driver Education. Being a commercial driver you are not only resposible for yourself but also your passengers. If you are planning to drive a Taxi, Uber, want to become a Driving Instructor, or you are working for a daycare where you need to pick and drop off students from school than you will need a Class 4 licence. 

We offer convenient and affordable winter driving and brush up lessons for class 4 Road test in Calgary Alberta

Training confident, skilled, professional, and safe drivers for all kinds of roads

Why do you need a winter driving lesson?

The best drivers should be able to drive safely in any weather or road conditions.

Driving in summer is challenging because there are lot more fatal collision in summer. However in winter number of collisions go up and property damage is higher in winter. Enroll for our winter driving or brush up lesson for class 4 in Calgary Alberta. 

  • To see your environment and be seen by others,  clear your windshield, lights and windows. 
  • For the best steering control in winter driving, hold the steering wheel at a 9 and 3 o’clock position.
  • Look well ahead, at least 1 block in city driving.
  • Drive for the conditions and use gentle braking, steering and acceleration when driving on snow covered roads.
  • Leave more space between you and the vehicle in front.
  • Keep your gas tank at least ¼ tank full,  a less-than-full tank is at greater risk of condensation which may cause gas-line freezing.
  • Outside the city, never use cruise control on snow covered or icy roads.

Requirements for a class 4 knowledge test

Become a professional driver by putting control on speed and mind! 

To become a class 4 driver and avail our class 4 brushup lesson in Calgary Alberta, you need:

  • Legally be 18 years of age
  • Need to have Non-probationary Full class 5 Advance license
  • Pass class 4 knowledge test and vision test
  • Provide a completed Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators

Why choose iDrive Alberta?

Driving is fun and freedom – enjoy it by getting trained by proffesionals.

  • Traffic and safety guidelines for commercial vehicles
  • Proactive winter driving strategies
  • Professional training on handling vehicles, threshold brakes and evasive maneuvers

To book lessons for winter driving or brushup lessons in Calgary Alberta, contact us or book online.

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