New Driver Training Program

Training smart, wise and skilled drivers and perfecting them for all highways

Getting a license to drive across the country is an overwhelming experience for some. But, a speedy drive, panic brakes or over/under steering can causes irreversible damage and such insident can result in driving anxity / hesitation in mind of the novice drivers.

Hence, you need an expert’s guidance to train you. Our novice driver training program in Calgary Alberta, not only trains the new ones but also builds up confidence for them to stay alert and relaxed while they are behind the wheel!

We provide one-to-one training for all students. Our new driver training program in Calgary Alberta has been designed to meet as per the needs and characteristics of each specific student.

Driving can be fun if we have good habits to rely on.

Safe driving habits for new drivers

Handing over the wheels to an untrained driver calls for unavoidable risks and accidents. Confidence and training ensure few collisions and safe driving. These are a few safety tips for newbies:

  • Knowing all traffic rules and regulations
  • Controlled speed means, safe journey
  • Safty first, keep your seatbelt on
  • Keep your eyes on the road, scan side to side every 2 seconds
  • Don’t let distractions take your focus away from driving
  • Don’t let your guard down, be prepared for unexpected

Why choose iDrive Alberta? 

With our new driver training program in Calgary Alberta, you can now get help in:

  • Stay focused and avoid distractions
  • Learn maintaing speed limits and drive according to conditions
  • Get practical on-road tips for teen drivers
  • Learn about effects of fatigue, alcohol and drugs on driving behaviour
  • Develop professional skills which can help you be safe in all weather and road conditions

Be self reliant and save lots of commute time by learning how to drive.

To enrol into our novice driver training program in Calgary Alberta, contact us. We will help you polish your skills.

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