Get a Driver’s Licence       

Accessibility in the city with buses can be time consuming, expensive in taxies and hard to ask for rides every now and then. Thinking about being self-reliant? Ready to apply for a driving licence? This is some information you’ll need. 

Getting a driving licence in Alberta is 3 stage programmes, this ensures that one as the skills and experience to drive a vehicle safely. In the province as beautiful as Alberta, having the freedom to explore rockiest and neighbouring provinces in the comfort of your own vehicle is not only fun but also advantageous. 

Whether you’re new driver or want to convert your international licence – we’ll provide you all the information that you need. 

Call us and get to know the simple process. 

How to get a driver’s licence in Calgary?

Getting a class 7 driving licence in Alberta is easy now. Check out the details:

Eligibility criteria for class 7 learner’s licence application:

1. Candidate should be of minimum 14 years of age

2. Should have parent’s consent if age is less than 18 years

3. Should carry legal photo ID and document for address proof

4. Must pass a vision test and a knowledge test

What are the learner’s conditions?

  1. You must have a class 7 licence with you while driving
  2. While learning a fully licenced driver of 18 years or more must accompany you in the car
  3. No more than 8 demerit points are allowed in GDL program
  4. Strict no to any drug or alcohol while you’re learning to drive.
  5. All passengers along with the driver should be buckled if the vehicle is in motion. (no more      passengers than seatbelt)

If you have a driving licence from another country?

If you planning to take driving licence in Calgary Alberta and surrendering a licence from the following countries then you won’t have to give knowledge or road test. You will be issued the Alberta driving licence right away. However, we would highly recommend you to read Alberta Driver’s Guide and at take the insurance reduction course. If you are not sure than book a Brush-up lessons please let a professional guide you to get you started.

  • Australia (Class 5 and 6)
  • Austria (Class 5)
  • Belgium (Class 5)
  • France (Class 5)
  • Germany (Class 5)
  • Isle of Man (Class 5 and 6)
  • Japan (Class 5)
  • Netherlands (Class 5)
  • Republic of Ireland (Class 5 and 6)
  • Republic of Korea (Class 5)
  • Switzerland (Class 5 and 6)
  • Taiwan(Class 5)
  • United Kingdom (Northern Ireland – Class 5 and 6)
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales – Class 5)

Drivers coming to Alberta from another unlisted nation may apply to have your previous driving history credited. If accepted, you'll be exempted from part or all of the graduated licencing program, depending on your years of experience. This exemption gives you access to a road test without needing to have a Class 7 licence for one year or a Class 5 GDL for a full 2 years.

Then you can start practising for the on-road test. Take help from our professional drivers to learn the tactics. Book with us, take practical training to pass on-road test with us.

If you’ve any further questions or need any help then don’t hesitate. Give us a call.

The courses we offer:

Brush Up Driving Lessons
Defensive Driving Training
New Driver Training
Winter Driving Lessons