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Watchout for children having fun on the streets during Covid-19



Summer days are long and beautiful; kids are appreciating this summer more than ever because they can finally play with their neighbourhood friends. 

Playgrounds are open again and as children returning to playgrounds after covid-19 restrictions are lifted, drivers need to be alert for everyone’s safety in these areas.

Drivers in the community have to slow down and use caution. Children are excited and may not think to put safety first, so it is important that drivers are cautious and follow traffic rules in communities. In Calgary residential speeds are Maximum 50km in ideal conditions, however if you see kids playing on the street or near roads, the conditions are not ideal. Please Slow Down and prepare to stop. Be aggressive in your scanning / ground viewing, watch for any movements in and around the parked vehicles. 



Residents in Calgary area are supposed to follow the 30 km/h speed limit in playground zones from 7:30am to 9:00pm. Even if your not driving in a playground zone, it’s a good idea to slow down to 30 km/h if you spot presence of  unpredictable pedestrians on any street. 

Officers are conducting enforcement operations to target and educate drivers about the risk of speeding. A recent incident in Calgary South East “Child Injured in a hit and run” ( not only horrifying for the child but also a nightmare for parents. 

We encourage parents to remind their children about the rules of the road and go over their road crossing procedures, keep their ears and eyes on alert for approaching vehicles. Making them aware of blind spots around backing vehicles and appropriate response if they see or hear moving vehicles. 

Older children can also use a quick reminder about road safety; drivers should also expect busier streets. 

Lastly, as a driver walk around the vehicle before backing out of your driveway, do a good 360-degree scan before backing. A Back up camera is a good help to cover the blind spot right behind the vehicle, however it’s not an alternative to a good old habit of looking around prior to any backing of your vehicle.