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We have a love-hate relationship with the summer months.  We love it because it is a busy time of year when students are out of school and start their driver training.  We hate it because there are those that think they can “get it done” in the rush before school starts.  A lot of it is driven by the “need” for a parking permit at school because a license is required to be eligible for one.  The other reason we hear is:  they are really busy during the school year.  QUALITY driver training cannot be rushed!

There are schools that will “get you in and get you out,” but iDrive Alberta IS NOT one of them.  We have specific objectives that students need to meet and a rigorous road test to evaluate whether a student is ready to solo. iDrive Alberta recommends 50 to 60 hours of home practice with qualified driver at home while on a class 7 learners. You may ask “why”? The reason is simple, to develop good skills and mastery in ANYTHING, it requires practice.  Our goal is your success, confident and responsible drivers on the road, not to just licence students as quickly as possible.  Think about it – if your student is involved in sports, dance, music, or drama – how much practice do they put in before they are “ready for the game, the recital, or the play?”  Would you tell the coach, “We don’t have time to practice?”  I think NOT, then why is driving practice ANY different?

Summer vacations are around the corner and almost all students going to high school in September will be looking to get their Licence before school starts.  The hectic schedules of revisions and finals are going on.  Please plan your summer vacation and driving lessons in advance, all driving school with quality driver training will be booking month or two in advance. Budget both time and money for driver training and the necessary practice time. Getting a driving licence is a big milestone in one's life, it needs advance planning like any other event in life.  

Our expectation is that you engage with us and do the necessary practice to get your teenager road ready.  Don’t rush this and don’t cut corners, because “driving” is not something that should be taken lightly.  It is a big responsibility that requires dedication on both the part of a student and the parent.  We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help students develop the necessary skills and support you in your practice, but we can’t do it without your participation. Let’s plan the driving classes in summer NOW.