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Road Safety & E-Scooter

We are all so excited to hear E-Scooters are back in Calgary; they are not only fun to ride but also an easy way to commute. Before riding, please be prepared and up-to-date with all the rules and regulations. 

  • One big change is a highly visible and unique identification number for people to report improperly parked e-scooters, there is also a fine for improperly parking an E-Scooter.
  • The second point is shared e-Scooters can be driven on quite roadways with lower volumes of traffic, such as 13 Ave S.W and not allowed on busy roads like Macleod Trail for example.
  • It is also advisable to avoid busy sidewalks with lots of pedestrian traffic. As a rule, please do not interfere with pedestrians or other traffic while riding a shared e-scooter. 

When riding E-Scooters during COVID-19, please keep in mind that public safety can be a little bit of a concern, as the E-Scooters are not going to be wiped or sanitized after every ride. The rider is responsible to take necessary precautions for their safety. 

  • Please make sure you carry sanitizer and pre-moistened disinfectant with you. Wipe the E-Scooter and sanitize your hands before and after the ride.
  • Physical distancing of 2 meters must also be maintained when passing other people.
  • Only one rider at a time is allowed on the E-Scooter, (no doubling) 


With all the excitement of E-Scooters as well as bicycles being back in the traffic environment, we don’t want to forget the most important factor, safety of the rider on our streets. About 80% of both bike and e-scooter crashes happened at intersections, 70% of them occurred in daylight. ( Sharing the road with other road users is a shared responsibility. 

  • Motorists have to be careful when turning left or right in an intersection. A blind spot check to make sure no bicycle or e-scooter is approaching before they turn.
  • Bicycle and e-scooter riders can also play an important role in their own safety. They have to slow down when approaching an intersection and make sure motorists have seen them and are yielding for them. They should be able to come to a complete stop at any sign of danger. 

Fines for inconsiderate rider behaviour

Bylaw Fines address safety concerns and deter inconsiderate shared e-scooter rider behaviour.

Fines include:

A $400 fine for operating a shared e-scooter in a reckless manner.

A $400 fine for colliding with another user of the sidewalk or street.

A $75 fine for carrying a passenger on a shared e-scooter.

Fines for improperly parked e-scooters

Company fines - In August 2020 companies began implementing a $10 fine for improperly parked shared e-scooters.

You can report improperly parked e-scooters by contacting the e-scooter operator directly with a photo of the e-scooter's ID and location.

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