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Be Winter Ready


When it comes to winter we see a mixed response from people in Alberta. Some people are sad to let summer go and some are excited to resume their winter sports. No matter which side are you on; one thing is certain for most, we can’t avoid driving in winter conditions.


So are you ready for the winter driving season? According to Calgary police, in 2019 from in around 28 hours of the first snow fall, there were 171 non-injury collisions and 13 injury collisions. Thirty-three of those collisions, were hit and run collision. At iDrive Alberta being a Driving School, it is our responsibility to make our community aware about the precautionary measures drivers can take for their own safety. 


Prepare yourself by observing your driving habits;

  1. Watch your speed, slowing down a little for the weather can reduce your vehicle stopping distance.
  2. Double your following distance, if it’s slippery outside, you need that extra space to stop.
  3. Plan ahead, start slowing sooner rather than last minute braking.
  4. Use a proper braking technique like threshold braking and avoid locking your wheels.
  5. See and be seen, brush off all the snow from your vehicle. Snow covered lights makes it hard for others to notice you.
  6. Look well ahead and watch for other drivers who might not be ready for winter
  7. Drive with your low beams on, as they are the best in adverse conditions
  8. Leave early and plan your route, extra time on your hands and knowledge of what’s going out on the roads will help you reach your destination safely and on time.
  9. Dress for the weather, just in case.


Prepare your vehicle for winter;


  1. First of all check your lights, if your headlights, brake lights and signal lights are out get them fixed ASAP.
  2. Book your appointment to get your winter tires on.
  3. Take your vehicle to a reputable garage and give it a tune-up inspection to prevent problems. (Important things to check; Brakes, cooling system, battery life, engine, fuel system, heater, defrosters, wiper blades, oil and filters)
  4. Properly inflated Tires: - winter tires are not legally required in Alberta but make them your own safety mantra. They are designed to reduce your stopping distances and keep you safe in winter



Last but not the least Winter Equipment you should keep in your vehicle;

  1. Windshield scraper and snow brush;
  2. Lightweight shovel;
  3. Traction aid-Bag of sand or kitty litter, wire traction mat or other abrasive substance;
  4. Large box of facial tissues;
  5. Properly inflated spare tire;
  6. Wheel wrench and jack;
  7. First aid kit;
  1. Flashlight; Flares;
  2. Warm clothing/emergency blanket
  3. Battery jumper cables.



For more confidence in winter driving, book a 2-hour winter brush-up lesson. Lets all keep safe this winter and please share this information with your friends and family.